Human Rights: 2022 World Cup

The World Cup is the most-watched sporting event in the world, with almost 1 billion people tuning into the final match.

In 2022, the World Cup will be held in the wealthy Middle Eastern country of Qatar.  Currently, there are thousands of migrants in Qatar, building the stadiums and hotels.

And these migrants are experiencing some of the most horrific working conditions in the world. The death toll of those working in Qatar has surpassed all of the work-related deaths of the London, Vancouver, Beijing, Sochi Olympics and the past three World Cups combined!

Washington Post
Qatar is a wealthy Middle Eastern country with a per capita income of $128,500 a year (The per capita income of the United States is $42,600 a year).  Qatar is also in a desert, with the average temperature in summer of 100o.

Most of the people working in Qatar building the stadiums for the World Cup are poor migrant workers from Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, living in squalid "slave camps" around the World Cup sites.

A kitchen in a slave camp in Qatar for migrant workers. The Daily Record.


  • Many of the poor workers brought to Qatar were promised good paying jobs
  • Workers sleep in camps with little sanitation or privacy. There is an overwhelming smell of excrement in the air
  • Many of the workers have had their passports taken, therefore they cannot leave
  • The workers from Nepal were prohibited from returning home to attend funerals for those relatives killed recently in the Nepalese earthquakes
  • It is estimated that by the time the World Cup opens in 2022, over 4,000 workers will have been killed on the job
  • In Qatar, employers have legal right to control the lives of their employees, in a system known as "kafala"
  • Those who are hurt on the job, are abandoned by their employers and are unable to leave or get medical help
  • Only 10% of the 2 million people in Qatar are actual Qatari nationals. There rest are workers and domestic servants


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